Dec 142011

Technical Tips


In a TV broadcast both the sound signal and the video signal are to be conveyed to the viewer using radio frequency.  These two signals have very distinct features. The audio signal is a symmetrical signal without continuous current but the frequency does not exceed 20 kHz.










Low Power TV TransmitterLPT

The transmitter design is based on solid state techniques and employs modular construction. The video and audio signals are processed in the exciter electronics and modulated at low level, at IF frequency of 38.9 MHz and 33.4 MHz respectively. The modulated IF signals are combined and passed through IF corrector and VSB filter.











The Bird makes thru line power meter directional wattmeter is a portable insertion-type instrument for measuring forward and reflected power in coaxial transmission lines. It will accurately measure RF power under any load condition. Plug-in elements are available to fit your frequency and power needs.








Servo Voltage Stabilizers (AVR)

Servo Stabilizer is a revolutionary product in the field of voltage stabilization. It is specially built for constant voltage output for the areas where voltage supplies are fluctuating and damages the sophisticated equipment’s. This system keeps in check voltage variations by the fast rate of correction.







Diesel Generator

The diesel engine is a type of internal combustion engine, more specifically, a compression ignition engine, in which the fuel is ignited by the high temperature of compressed gas, rather than a separate source of energy (such as a spark plug).







WavefromThe Wavefrom Monitor is an operational monitor providing the signal monitoring features useful to the graphics workstation, telecine, all of the video features, Transmitter, or camera setup operator, for use by a person responsible for the look and continuity of the television picture.

Diesel Generator Maintenance – Minor

The following maintenance procedures must be followed to ensure a good performance of the equipment and extension of its lifetime.


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