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SALKANPUR TEMPLE (Bijasan Mata Mandir, Salkanpur Mandir)

salkanpur temple

Salkanpur Devi Mandir

Salkanpur Temple is located in Sehore district near Budhni, Salkanpur Temple is at a distance of 70 km from Bhopal by road and nearest railway station is Hoshangabad which is on the Bhopal- Itarsi route. Salkanpur temple is devoted to goddess Durga and the presiding deity here is Ma Durga Beejasan one of the incarnation of the goddess Durga. It is a very old Temple but at the present temple renovates by Salkanpur trust.

Salkanpur Temple is situated on an 800 ft high hillock and has more than 1000 stairs. There is also Ropeway service tourist can easily reach. And also reach from the approach road from  back side of the temple. Salkanpur Temple is located in near Rehti village Dist. Sehore Madhya Pradesh, Salkanpur Temple is 25 km from Hoshangabad, 45 Km from Itarsi, 70 km from Bhopal and 150 km from Indore, everyone can reach by car, taxi, bus etc.

Bijasan mata mandir Salkanpur is a sacred shrine and devoted to nine forms of the Devi – Nava Durga. Mela is held here during Navaratri. One of the most famous festivals in India is Navratri which is observed twice in a year.Navratri festival is dedicated to Goddess Durga, Laxmi and Saraswati.

Main attraction :

During Navaratri a mela is also held here.  Many vacationers came here during Navaratri mela .

How to reach :

Salkanpur Temple is located in near Rehti village Dist. Sehore Madhya Pradesh. Salkanpur  is 25 km from Hoshangabad Railway Station. 45 km from Itarsi Railway station. Nearest Airport is Bhopal 70 Km, Indore 150 km, Jabalpur 300 Km and Nagpur 290 Km. Everyone can reach by car, taxi, bus etc.

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