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Pachmarhi Hill Stations

Pachmarhi is a most famous hill station in Madhya Pradesh state of central India, correspondingly famous for the Pachmarhi Cantonment. It is identified as "Satpura ki Rani" (Queen of Satpura).  It is the bowl shaped mount resort in Madhya Pradesh is frequently called as the supreme of Satpura ranges.  Its situated at a height of 1067 m in a valley of the Satpura Range in Hoshangabad district. The highest top point in the central India area Dhupgarh at 1130 m is situated here.  It is very much attractive to the particularly revolutionary officer of the British rule. It was introduced to western world by Captain James Forsyth of the British Army in 1857. Pachmarhi became a hill station and sanatorium for British crowds in the Central Areas of India. Its similarly performed as the summer capital for the Central Regions. The forest around the town is home to much rare diversity of plants. UNESCO added Pachmarhi Park to its list of Biosphere Reserves in May 2009.

Pachmarhi town is a small town and most of the area is under Indian Army's control and lies in Pachmarhi Cantonment, overall population of nearby 10,000 populations, with the widely held of it being the Army.

The town has several tourist hotels including the hotel run by Department of Tourism (Govt. of Madhya Pradesh). Private resorts and cottage/hotel services are similarly obtainable. 

How to Reach Pachmarhi Hill Stations

The nearest airport is Bhopal (195 km), connected by regular flights with Delhi, Gwalior, Indore and Mumbai. The Pachmarhi city is also well connected with some of the major cities of India. Regular bus services are reachable from Pachmarhi to Bhopal (200 KM), Pipariya (54 KM) and Chhindwara (135 KM) on a daily basis. Nearest railway station to reach Pachmarhi is Pipariya. This railway station is on the main line to Mumbai – Howrah and therefore most of the prime trains halt at this station. Taxis are accessible at Pipariya in any time

Best time to visit Pachmarhi Hill Stations

The best time to visit Pachmarhi is between October to March for the pleasurable and enjoyable weather as well. More than one lakh tourists, mostly domestic tourists, visit the Pachmarhi area. Maximum number of tourist visit in May-June followed by October-December. Every year several groups of students visit Pachmarhi area generally for Botanical excursion and explorations.

Places to visit Pachmarhi

The places of attraction seen at and around Pachmarhi area, Priyadarshani point, Hondi Khoh, Apsara Vihar, Rajat Prapat, Raj Giri, Lanjee Giri, Dutches Fall, Sundar Kund, Jatashankar, Chhota Mahadeo,  Manadeo, Chauragarh, Dhupgarh, Pandav cave, Cave Shelters. In Bori sanctuary, Churna, is also base for tourism. For a truly wilderness experience, the visitor or can arrive upto Neemghan through Panarpani gate. The flat land and good visibility along with rich wildlife makes excursions here unforgettable.

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