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Itarsi Train Time Tableitarsi train time table

Trains are affordable and extremely comfortable as well. Second class ticket rates from Delhi to Itarsi cost around Rs 330. Auto rickshaws are available from the station to the town.

Itarsi Train Time Table

Starting Station Train Arrival at Itarsi Service Days
Bangalore (SBC) Sanghamitra Exp (12295) 02:35 PM (duration: 29h 35m) Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Sat & Sun
Bagmati Express (12578) 02:35 PM (duration: 29h 35m) Fri
Chennai (MAS) Andaman Express (16031) 08:05 AM (duration: 26h 50m) Wed, Thu & Sun
Lucknow Exp (16093) 08:05 AM (duration: 26h 50m) Tue & Sat
Delhi (NDLS) Ndls Jbp Sup Ex (12191) 02:45 AM (duration: 12h 40m) All Days
G T Express (12616) 07:20 AM (duration: 12h 40m) All Days
Hyderabad (SC) Sc Pnbe Express (12791) 12:25 AM (duration: 14h 25m) All Days
Gorakhpur Exp (12590) 10:25 PM (duration: 15h 5m) Fri
Mumbai (CSTM) Cstm Bsb Sup Sp (01027) 12:45 AM (duration: 12h 15m) Wed
Cstm Gkp Spl (01047) 12:45 AM (duration: 12h 15m) Sat
Pune (PUNE) Pune Agc Sup Sp (01435) 03:10 AM (duration: 13h) Sun
Pune Nzm Sup Sp (0477) 04:20 AM (duration: 14h 10m) Fri
Agra (AGC) Agc Pune Spl (0136) 12:50 AM (duration: 10h 5m) Mon
Agc Cstm Sup Sp (0132) 12:50 AM (duration: 10h 5m) Tue
Ajmer (AII) Aii Hyb Special (0779) 04:00 PM (duration: 17h 15m) Thu
Aii Hyb Special (0779A) 05:00 PM (duration: 18h 15m) Fri
Allahabad (ALD) Tulsi Express (11070) 08:00 AM (duration: 15h 45m) Mon & Wed
Amritsar (ASR) Asr Ned Express (12716) 01:50 AM (duration: 20h 15m) All Days
Asr Dr Express (11058) 01:10 PM (duration: 28h 35m) All Days
Asansol (ASN) Asn Cstm Expres (12361) 06:00 PM (duration: 22h 15m) Sun
Bandra Terminus (BDTS) Bdts Gkp Specia (0911) 02:20 AM (duration: 18h 10m) Sun
Barauni Jn (BJU) Rapti Sagar Exp (12521) 11:05 PM (duration: 24h 5m) Mon
Bareilly (BE) Be Ltt Express (14314) 07:05 AM (duration: 20h 20m) Sat
Bhagalpur (BGP) Bgp Surat Exp (19048) 06:35 AM (duration: 21h 20m) Mon & Thu
Bgp Ltt Express (12335) 07:10 AM (duration: 22h 10m) Tue, Fri & Sun
Bhopal (BPL) Vindhyachal Exp (11272) 12:15 PM (duration: 18h 15m) All Days
Amarkantak Exp (12854) 05:35 PM (duration: 1h 50m) All Days
Bhusaval (BSL) Gondwana Expres (12405) 05:55 PM (duration: 12h 15m) Tue & Sun
Bilaspur (BSP) Narmada Pas/exp (18234) 01:50 AM (duration: 15h 55m) All Days
Chattisgarh Exp (18237) 04:30 AM (duration: 14h 15m) All Days
Chennai Egmore (MS) Ms Gaya Express (12390) 06:00 AM (duration: 22h 30m) Tue
Ms Varanasi Exp (14259) 01:40 PM (duration: 24h 35m) Thu
Chhapra (CPR) Cpr Ltt Express (11060) 03:40 AM (duration: 22h 10m) Mon, Thu & Sat
Gangakaveri Exp (12670) 02:25 PM (duration: 17h 25m) Mon & Wed
Chhindwara Jn (CWA) Panchvalley Pa (59386) 05:40 AM (duration: 8h 35m) All Days
Cwa Jhs Express (11103) 08:45 PM (duration: 6h 45m) Tue & Thu
Coimbatore (CBE) Kongu Express (12647) 01:45 AM (duration: 34h 30m) Sun
Cbe Jaipur Exp (12969) 04:05 PM (duration: 30h 50m) Fri
Dadar(DR) (DR) Amritsar Expres (11057) 12:55 PM (duration: 13h 10m) All Days
Dr Bsb Sup Exp (12167) 01:10 PM (duration: 12h 35m) All Days
Darbhanga Jn (DBG) Bagmati Express (12577) 12:35 PM (duration: 20h 25m) Tue
Dbg Ltt Express (11066) 01:55 PM (duration: 24h 45m) Tue, Thu & Sat
Durg (DURG) Amarkantak Exp (12853) 08:25 AM (duration: 14h 5m) All Days
Ernakulam (ERS) Mangala Ldweep (12617) 01:10 AM (duration: 36h 5m) All Days
Nizamuddin Exp (12645) 04:50 AM (duration: 34h) Sat
Faizabad (FD) Saket Express (11068) 07:50 AM (duration: 16h 15m) Thu & Sun
Ferozpur (FZR) Punjab Mail (12138) 06:40 PM (duration: 20h 55m) All Days
Gaya (GAYA) Gaya Ms Express (12389) 08:50 PM (duration: 15h 5m) Sun
Gorakhpur (GKP) Gkp Ypr Express (15015) 01:00 AM (duration: 18h 15m) Mon
Godan Express (11056) 03:40 AM (duration: 21h 15m) Tue, Wed, Fri & Sun
Guwahati (GHY) Ghy Ltt Exp (15646) 07:10 AM (duration: 38h 25m) Wed & Sun
Ghy Ltt Express (15648) 07:10 AM (duration: 40h 10m) Tue
H Nizamuddin (NZM) Goa Express (12780) 02:50 AM (duration: 11h 45m) All Days
Gondwana Expres (12410) 04:05 AM (duration: 12h 40m) Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu & Sat
Habibganj (HBJ) Jbp Janshatabdi (12061) 07:10 PM (duration: 1h 30m) Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri & Sat
Hbj Jbp Special (2061A) 07:10 PM (duration: 1h 30m) Sun
Haridwar (HW) Hw Ltt Special (01014) 03:55 AM (duration: 21h 10m) Thu
Howrah (HWH) Hwh Mumbai Mail (12321) 10:15 PM (duration: 24h 15m) All Days
Hwh Mumbai Mail (12357) 10:15 PM (duration: 27h 30m) Mon
Hubli (UBL) Nzm Link Exp (17305) 05:40 PM (duration: 25h 25m) All Days
Hyderabad Decan (HYB) Nizamuddin Exp (12721) 02:45 PM (duration: 16h 15m) All Days
Indore (INDB) Indb Jbp Exp (11471) 01:00 AM (duration: 7h 40m) All Days
Narmada Express (18233) 02:10 AM (duration: 9h 10m) All Days
Jabalpur (JBP) Nagpur Sup Exp (12160) 01:05 AM (duration: 4h 15m) Tue, Fri & Sun
Jbp Indb Exp (11472) 03:20 AM (duration: 4h 50m) All Days
Jaipur (JP) Jp Mysore Exp (12976) 09:20 AM (duration: 13h 40m) Mon & Wed
Jp Madras Expre (12968) 09:20 AM (duration: 13h 40m) Fri & Sun
Jammu (JAT) Jhelum Express (11078) 12:01 AM (duration: 26h 16m) All Days
Himsagar Exp (16318) 03:35 AM (duration: 27h 50m) Mon
Jhansi (JHS) Patal Kot Exp (11104) 07:05 AM (duration: 7h 15m) Mon & Wed
Jodhpur (JU) Ju Puri Express (18474) 09:20 AM (duration: 20h 35m) Sat
Kanpur (CNB) Udhyogkarmi Exp (12944) 06:25 PM (duration: 10h 25m) Fri
Kanyakumari (CAPE) Tirukkural Exp (12641) 06:35 AM (duration: 35h 20m) Wed
Himsagar Exp (16317) 07:35 AM (duration: 41h 35m) Fri
Kolhapur (KOP) Nizamuddin Exp (12147) 04:50 AM (duration: 19h 45m) Tue
Lokmanyatilak T (LTT) Darbhanga Exp (11065) 12:10 AM (duration: 11h 55m) Tue, Thu & Sun
Muzaffarpur Exp (11061) 12:10 AM (duration: 11h 55m) Mon, Wed, Fri & Sat
Lucknow (LKO) Lko Ltt Sup Spl (0134) 04:30 AM (duration: 13h 30m) Sun
Lko Ypr Express (6504) 12:55 PM (duration: 16h 55m) Fri
Lucknow Ne (LJN) Ljn as Exp (16094) 05:25 AM (duration: 13h 5m) Mon & Thu
Pushpak Exp (12533) 07:45 AM (duration: 12h) All Days
Manduadih (MUV) Gyan Ganga Exp (11032) 06:00 PM (duration: 13h 25m) Wed
Mangalore Cntl (MAQ) Navyug Exp (16687) 07:35 AM (duration: 39h 15m) Mon
Muzaffarpur (MFP) Mfp Ltt Special (0158) 09:45 AM (duration: 27h 45m) Fri
Mfp Ltt Express (11062) 01:55 PM (duration: 22h 5m) Mon, Wed, Fri & Sun
Mysore (MYS) Swarna Jayanthi (12781) 04:50 AM (duration: 32h 40m) Fri
Jaipur Express (12975) 04:05 PM (duration: 29h 50m) Thu & Sat
Nagpur (NGP) Ngp Indore Exp (12924) 12:15 AM (duration: 5h) Thu
Jabalpur Sup Ex (12159) 02:35 AM (duration: 5h 5m) Mon, Wed & Sat
Nanded (NED) Ned Sgnr Expres (12485) 12:30 PM (duration: 13h) Sun
Sachkhand Exp (12715) 11:20 PM (duration: 13h 50m) All Days
Patna (PNBE) Pnbe Sc Exp (12792) 06:50 AM (duration: 18h 45m) All Days
Pnbe Vsg Expres (12742) 07:50 AM (duration: 17h 50m) Sat
Puri (PURI) Puri Ju Express (18473) 04:05 PM (duration: 25h 30m) Wed
Purna Jn (PAU) Pau Pnbe Exp (17610) 09:20 AM (duration: 15h 5m) Fri
Rae Bareli (RBL) 1 more train Saket Link Exp (21068) 07:50 AM (duration: 15h 35m) Thu & Sun
Raigarh (RIG) Gondwan Express (12409) 05:55 PM (duration: 14h 25m) Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri & Sat
Ranchi (RNC) Rnc Ltt Express (18609) 11:35 PM (duration: 26h 30m) Wed
Rjndr Ngr Bihar (RJPB) Rjpb Cla Exp (13201) 08:35 PM (duration: 21h 5m) All Days
Shri Ganganagar (SGNR) Sgnr Ned Expres (12486) 12:40 PM (duration: 22h 10m) Fri
Somnath (SMNH) Smnh Jbp Expres (11463) 10:35 AM (duration: 24h 55m) Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri & Sun
Surat (ST) St Bhagalpur Ex (19047) 08:40 PM (duration: 11h 5m) Tue & Sat
Tapti Ganga Exp (12945) 08:40 PM (duration: 11h 5m) Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri & Sun
Tirunelveli (TEN) Ten Jammu Exp (06687) 07:35 AM (duration: 39h 50m) Mon
Ten Jammu Exp (06317) 07:35 AM (duration: 39h 50m) Mon & Fri
Trivandrum (TVC) Kerala Express (12625) 01:15 AM (duration: 38h) All Days
Nizamuddin Exp (12643) 04:50 AM (duration: 38h 35m) Tue
Valsad (BL) Udyogkarmi Exp (12943) 08:50 AM (duration: 13h 10m) Wed
Bl Varanasi Spl (09051) 09:25 AM (duration: 13h 45m) Fri
Varanasi (BSB) Bsb Dr Sup Exp (12168) 12:20 AM (duration: 13h 55m) All Days
Mahanagari Exp (11094) 01:20 AM (duration: 13h 50m) All Days
Vasco Da Gama (VSG) Goa Express (12779) 05:40 PM (duration: 26h 30m) All Days
Vsg Patna Exp (12741) 07:30 PM (duration: 24h 20m) Wed
Visakhapatnam (VSKP) Samta-express (12807) 03:45 AM (duration: 21h 25m) Wed, Thu & Sun
Swarnajayantiex (12803) 04:50 AM (duration: 20h 20m) Mon & Fri
Yesvantpur Jn (YPR) Ypr Gorakpur Ex (15016) 04:45 PM (duration: 33h 5m) Thu
Ypr Lucknow Exp (6503) 04:55 PM (duration: 29h 40m) Wed
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