Feb 272011

The following procedures and checklists to be carried out during a major service include:

Diesel Generator Maintenance – Major


Diesel Generator

  • Change engine lubricating oil
  • Change engine lubricating oil filter
  • Change engine lubricating oil bypass filter, if fitted
  • Check engine oil for leaks
  • Check hydraulic governor oil level, if fitted
  • Record oil pressure – P.S.I R.P.M.
  • Drain sediment from fuel tank
  • Check fuel tank breather
  • Clean out water and sediment trap
  • Change fuel filters
  • Check fuel system pipes and unions for leaks
  • Check operation of engine governor and stop controls
  • Check operation of fuel system priming pump
  • Check fuel level, inform Owner/Manager if low
  • Check coolant level and antifreeze content and top up if necessary
  • Check coolant inhibitor
  • Change coolant filter, if hours occurred
  • Check for coolant leaks
  • Check condition of hoses and clips
  • Check condition of fan belts and adjust or renew, if required
  • Check water pump and lubricate
  • Check and lubricate fan hubs and idlers
  • Check condition of radiator
  • Clean radiator fins
  • Check condition of radiator ducting and trunking
  • Check operation of block and radiator heaters
  • Check operation of ventilation automatic louvers, if fitted
  • Record engine cooling system temperatures
  • Change air filter element, if necessary
  • Clean and check air cleaner and piping for damage
  • Check turbocharger operation and condition
  • Check inlet manifold and gaskets
  • Check and tighten turbocharger outlet hose clips
  • Tighten Manifold nuts and cap screws
  • Tighten turbocharger mounting nuts
  • Check for leaks and signs of blowing
  • Check condition of silencer and piping
  • Drain moisture trap in exhaust pipe
  • Check battery electrolyte level and specific gravity, top up if necessary
  • Check condition of charging system
  • Record charging rate – amps
  • Check operation of starting system
  • Check condition of wire and connectors
  • Check bearings and lubricate
  • Check communicators or slip rings
  • Examine brush gear
  • Check alternator to engine alignment
  • Check alternator to engine coupling


  • Check engine mounting bolts
  • Check engine anti-vibration mountings
  • Check operation of engine governor
  • Check and adjust engine valve clearance, if hours occurred
  • Check and clean engine crankcase, breather
  • Check engine vibration dampers
  • Lubricate all engine linkages
  • Keep generator plant room in a clean and tidy condition

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