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In the valley of satpuda India 5th dham known as Balajipuram . This place is full of worship, faithful, prayer this century connect people with god. This place called Balajipuram .If the Balajipuram is place of bow. Then balaji itself arrow for our culture then the people who do not believe in god it’s our aim.Rising the culture of Balajipuram attract the world and introduced our property our culture worship, social culture etc. No one is eternal in the universe but art is always alive the beauty of balaji defines they “satyam sivam sundram” its architecture is made on the basic of vastu sastra

Balajipuram BetulShri Rukmani Balaji Temple is situated at Betul Bazaar, in Betul District of Madhya Pradesh. This temple, dedicated to Lord Balaji, gives this town a reference name, Balajipuram.
The main building of the Shri Rukmani Balaji Temple conforms to the architecture used in south Indian temples. Reputed architects from south India were involved in the design work. Individual sections in the temple resemble smaller temples, enshrining idols of Lord Ganesh, Radha-Krishna, Goddess Durga and Lord Shiva. The main deity is referred by the name Laxmi Narayan.Situated outside the main building are 3 smaller temples dedicated to Lord Hanuman, Navagraha, and Saint Shirdi Sai Baba. There is an artificial pond named Gangakund, stretching from outside gate to the main building, which contains a total of 10 fountains. Another major attraction is a python shaped structure, which is actually a tunnel leading to all the shrines in the complex.The temple was inaugurated in the presence of the major religious heads from all over the country. The sanctifying ceremony was held from 29th January to 4th February 2001.The trust managing this temple provides free accommodation with basic facilities for the pilgrims. Free bus facility is available to and fro to the railway station and bus stand. Betul Bazaar can be reached via Betul, which is situated on the National Highway 69.

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